Resources for Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren
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There has been an astronomical increase in grandparents raising their grandchildren through high school and beyond. Unfortunately, this is often quite a struggle for these individuals who have already raised one generation, and are now being asked to raise a second generation, but with the added factors of age, retirement, financial challenges, and the difficulty in understanding the culture their grandchildren live and breathe.

Basic needs may not be a factor for some of these unique families, but having services regarding respite, counseling, and parenting may be vital. Also, sometimes having an advocate to assist them in the educational environment can be just as important as making sure their grandchildren are well-fed and well-clothed.

Having grandparents connect with United Way's 211 as the point of entry for resources such as those listed above may be extremely important. By helping these families link with 211, we are able to establish a positive relationship with them, and allow them to ask for assistance in the future without feeling inadequate.

United Way - 211

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